Experience the essence of Cretan cuisine
at the Restaurant “To Parastratima”

Our traditional slow-cooked dishes are crafted with care, using a wide variety of organic products sourced exclusively from local, small-scale producers. 
Taste the flavors of Crete, supporting local communities and savoring the true essence of our vibrant region.


A tantalizing taste of tradition and Mediterranean flavors in every bite

From succulent meats to fresh seafood and aromatic herbs, each plate tells a story of tradition and culinary mastery

Each bite is a heavenly homage to the flavors of Crete

Feel the love

"Incredible food and service. I never write reviews, but this place left such a strong impression that I feel inspired to share how wonderful our experience was. Just perfect"
Justin W.
"I’m in awe - the owner, or should I say host, is so kind and friendly! I felt very welcomed there. The restaurant is beautiful and food beyond delicious. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!"
"It's not complicated, it's the best restaurant in Rethymno!"
Guillaume D.

To Parastratima

Moschovitou 12
Rethymno, Crete Greece
Phone: +30 6974 158 906
Email: toparastratima@gmail.com

Opening Hours

12:00AM – 11:30PM